We've got weather and ag maps on CSD!

We've got weather and ag maps on CSD!

I love weather. Maybe not so much the actual feeling of the weather, but knowing what it'll be like outside is a huge help when you live in a state like Minnesota. And I know a lot of farmers who are just as obsessed with weather conditions as I am. So, lucky for me (and for you!) our website is now offering detailed weather! It's easy to find; just click on the last tab in the navigation list near the top of the homepage (or any page on our site). The tab that says "Weather."

There, you can adjust your zip code, get current conditions and extended outlooks. You can access radar to see if it's going to pour rain (or dump snow in my case), check the wind speeds if you're planning to spray and access different maps from NOAA and the National Weather Service, including the Drought Monitor, precip, crop moisture index, temperatures and more. 

weather information

Yes, I know you can go to other weather websites for that info, but as long as you're here, reading great stories, now you can stay and check your weather, too! 

So, check out our weather page and let me know what you think. Does it offer the information you need? 

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