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Canola For Your Tractor

Biomax, a new line of vegetable oil based lubricants, has been introduced by Country Energy, LLC, a marketing alliance between Cenex Harvest States (CHS) Cooperatives and Farmland Industries.

According to Bernie Elliott, branded lubricants marketing manager for Country Energy, the line offers better lubricity, superior performance in high and low temperatures, and is 50% more biodegradable than typical tractor hydraulic fluids.

Biomax THF, a tractor hydraulic fluid containing canola oil, is the first product in the line of bio-based lubricants. Elliott says future Biomax products, scheduled for release in 2002, will include food-grade hydraulic oils, irrigation drip oil, grease, industrial hydraulic oils and gear lube.

Country Energy is also testing soybean oil, canola oil and linseed oil as possible base stock alternatives to petroleum-based products.

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