Eye on Crops, Aug. 26, 2011


Iroquois County, IL

This week it rained on Aug. 21 and 23 with majority of it falling on the 23rd. We received a range of 1.0-1.4 in. of rain on our farms.  

Local corn development ranges from R4, dough, up to R5, dent.  The most mature corn has the milkline half way down the kernel.  At that point, kernel dry matter is close to 88% of final kernel dry matter accumulation.  In 2009 corn was also in the R4 and R5 growth stages with the most advanced having the milkline 15% of the way down the kernel.  

Soybean development is in R5, or beginning seed growth stage, up to R6, full seed growth stage.  

The local closing prices for Aug. 25 were $7.43 for nearby corn, $7.22 for new-crop corn, $13.82 for nearby soybeans and $13.64 for new-crop soybeans.

TAGS: Soybeans
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