Eye on Crops, June 15, 2012

Eye on Crops, June 15, 2012

Ron Haase, Iroquois County, IL

Another dry week has passed by.  We have continued to be dry during the month of June.  The 10-day forecast does not look promising for rainfall as there is only one day with a 40% chance or greater.  The forecast also has the temperatures rising, so the crop stress will continue.

Post-emergence herbicide application was the major activity in corn and soybean fields over the past week.  Wheat harvest has also begun, but there are not many wheat fields in my area so I had not heard any production reports.  Many farmers were trying to kill big lambsquarters in their soybean fields.

Corn development in the area ranges from V3 up to V10.  At V10 the corn plant begins a rapid steady increase in nutrient and dry matter accumulation, and in water usage.  If the weather continues the stress on corn will continue to accelerate.  Area soybean development ranges from V1 up to V4.  

The local closing bids for June 14 were $6.27 for nearby corn, $4.86 for new-crop corn, $4.81 for fall 2013 corn, $13.81 for nearby soybeans and $12.82 for new-crop soybeans.  


These two photos were taken on the afternoon of Thursday, June 14, when the temperature was in the upper 80’s.  They were taken from fields near where I live.


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