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We noticed errors in the article “Alternative Corn Hybrid?,” page 14 of the March 2006 issue. Here's the paragraph:

“LibertyLink corn is also popular because it includes the Bt gene with resistance to Herculex insecticide from Pioneer Hi-Bred.”

Yes, the Herculex traits (Herculex I, Herculex RW and Herculex XTRA) all include the LibertyLink trait, but not all LibertyLink traits include the Herculex gene. LibertyLink is the marker gene for the Herculex traits. All hybrids with the Herculex traits are tolerant to Liberty herbicide, but not all hybrids with the LibertyLink trait have the Herculex characteristics.

Also, there's no such thing as Herculex insecticide. Pioneer does not market insecticides. There are Herculex genetic traits that make the corn plant resistant to insects.

Pioneer is not the only company that sells corn hybrids with the Herculex traits. Dow AgroSciences licenses the traits to other seed companies.
Jerry Harrington
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

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