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Effective herbicide applications to manage weed resistance

What's an effective herbicide alternative to combat weed resistance? That's a question Bryan Young, associate professor of weed science, Purdue University, gets asked often. Being effective has to do with making sure that the herbicide alternative you're using can control the weed species, he says.

Effective herbicide applications are about choosing the right herbicide, says Young. And also make sure you're applying it effectively, he says.

One of our biggest failures has been the ability to control large weeds with glyphosate, particularly in soybeans.

"Spraying large weeds led to resistance to herbicide and large weeds competing with our crop, and reduced yields," says Young.

The Take Action initiative exists to help growers combat weed resistance and utilize herbicides smarter. We need to put a strategy into weed management, says Young.

"Don't just manage your next herbicide application, but manage your weed management strategy over your entire crop rotation," he says.

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