The end is nearing for soybean harvest

The Midwest state trailing the most in the bean harvest is Iowa.

Soybean harvest

The latest crop progress report shows 70% of the nation’s soybean crop has been harvested. That is still down from the four year average of 73%.

States still falling behind are North Carolina with only 34% off; while Kentucky and Missouri producers report 45% has been combined.

However, Iowa farmers say they are struggling with 61% harvested and Wisconsin with 64%.

Corn harvest

The corn harvest is struggling across the Midwest and the rest of the country. The crop progress report shows only 38% combined. That’s down from the four year average of 59%.

Minnesota farmers are reporting only 14% of the crop off and Wisconsin producers say 15% has been combined. Other states not far behind are Colorado with 18% and South Dakota reporting 19%.

Corn maturity

The corn crop is finally catching up with the average for maturity. The crop report shows 96% of the U.S. corn crop is mature, compared to the four year average of 97%.

One state reporting being behind is Wisconsin with 82% and farther west is Colorado with 86%.

Corn condition

The condition of the corn crop is remaining strong as we enter the end of October. According to the crop report, 50% is in good condition; 16% in excellent and 23% fair. It really hasn’t moved from last week at 50% in good; 15% in excellent and 24% in fair condition.

Soybeans dropping leaves

The soybean crop has caught up with the average when it comes to the amount of plans dropping leaves. The crop report shows 97% of the crop is dropping leaves, that’s equal to the four year average.




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