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Deere In The Lights

With all the glitz and glamour of a Vegas show, John Deere unveiled what it calls one of its largest new equipment introductions ever. From big, high-horsepower tractors to combines to tillage tools and planters, they all took center stage at the big show recently in Cincinnati.

And if new products rolling across the staging floor wasn't entertainment enough, musicians suspended from five platforms added to the flash of the performance. Green was everywhere.

“We try to bring comprehensive solutions to our customers,” says John Lagemann, John Deere vice president, sales — ag marketing. “For producers, we try to maximize revenue and minimize cost.”

Here's a look at some of the bigger equipment just introduced.

9030 Series Tractors:
There are eight new tire- and track-equipped models ranging from 325 to 530 hp. Each features the John Deere PowerTech Plus engine along with a 330-350 gal. fuel tank. The 6-cylinder engines are equipped with 4 valves/cylinder, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a variable geometry turbo (VGT). The result, says Don Worner, manager, product marketing, is a cleaner-burning engine delivering up to a 38% torque rise and a 10% power bulge.

Two transmission options are available. The 24-speed manual with 24 forward and 6 reverse speeds is standard on the 9230, 9330 and 9430. The 18-speed PowerShift with 18 forward and 6 reverse speeds is available as an option on the 9230, 9330 and 9430; standard on the 9530 and 9630.

The Command View Cab comes with more visibility and improved quietness, plus new optional ActiveSeat, which communicates with the tractor 200 times/second. Also, a new hood design with a relocated exhaust adds visibility.

The three new track tractors, the 9430T, 9530T and 9630T, feature a new AirCushion walking I-beam suspension system for smoother ride. “It's something our customers have been asking for,” says Steve Towlerton, product manager.

7030 and 6030 Series Tractors:
Seven new 75-140 pto hp tractors are now available, powered by either the PowerTech E or PowerTech Plus engine configurations. The new models are offered as mid-spec, for value-conscious customers, or premium models with additional options.

The economical PowerTech E engines — exclusively on the 6030 and 7030 series — feature a 2-valve common-rail design with dual-temperature cooling, viscous drive fan and electronic engine management.

The high-performance PowerTech Plus engines are standard equipment on all 6030 and 7030 premium models. They feature a 4-valve common-rail fuel delivery, a fuel-saving VGT, EGR and dual-temperature cooling.

Available as an option is the Intelligent Power Management feature that delivers up to an additional 25 hp when needed.

Several transmissions are available and can be tailored to specific customer needs. The Infinitely Variable Transmission is available exclusively on the premium line of tractors. “It maximizes performance by maintaining optimal speed and engine torque,” says Alejandro Galindo, product manager.

70 Series Combines:
Four new 70 series combines have been added to the lineup, replacing the former 60 series: the 9570 STS, 9670 STS, 9770 STS and the 9870 STS. Horsepower ranges from 265 on the 9570 to 440 on the 9870. Grain tank sizes range from 250 to 300 bu. on the 9870.

“Large producers are looking for more productivity and these machines cover more acres in less time,” says Seth Crawford, marketing manager, John Deere Harvester Works. “If you had five machines before, the extra productivity enhancements could mean you'd now only need four machines.”

The 70 series is powered by PowerTech Plus engines, from 6.8 to 13.5-liter sizes. The 9870 STS also offers an industry exclusive Intelligent Power Management system where the combine is automatically increased to 480 hp when matched with the new 612C StalkMaster Chopping Corn Head.

“Customers with the 9870 STS and 612C StalkMaster package can maintain ground speed while chopping and sizing corn residue at the corn head,” Crawford says.

The new combine series includes the new CommandCenter display screen, mounted on the armrest. It displays yield and moisture information, plus text messages from the combine regarding easy calibration, diagnostics and systems-alert information.

The 70 series also features a new straw chopper design with a widespread tailboard that Deere says uses 15% less horsepower when engaged.

600 C Series Corn Head:
Five new corn head models, the first since 1969, are available now,too. The new corn heads (shown on combine photo)are completely redesigned and come with higher-speed stalk rolls, larger gathering chains and a larger, high-capacity feed auger. Gathering chains are larger and driven by heavy-duty ductile iron sprockets. Hydraulically adjustable deck plates along with header height sensing are part of the base 600C corn heads.

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