Corn+Soybean Digest

Don't Miss Our Special Report Doubleheader

Attention soybean growers in 10 North Central states. You will find polybagged with this issue one of the most important reports you could possibly read this year.

The topic: soybean cyst nematodes, SCN for short. Aside from weeds, they're the most costly soybean pest of all - costing a billion dollars-plus per year.

The Special Report, "Let's Declare War On Cyst Nematodes," could change your profit picture considerably starting this fall. Read, no, study it thoroughly, then take action.

For readers in the other 20 states where SCN is found, we urge you to test to see if you have them. And if you do, take action now. Those tiny buggers can steal you blind.

Note: Catch the discussion on SCN on AgDay television, Aug. 14, as part of a half-hour program on soybeans.

Our second Special Report, "Herbicide-Tolerant Crops," is bound into this issue and goes to the entire circulation. Sponsored by Asgrow Seed Co., it's our fourth-annual update on this cutting-edge technology.

We invite you to pull it out of the magazine, read it thoroughly - and profit from the exercise.

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