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Weekly Ethanol Data Now Available

Beginning June 9, 2010, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is publishing weekly fuel ethanol production, inventory and import data in its Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR), one of EIA's most closely followed petroleum data publications.

The weekly ethanol data, along with other changes to the WPSR, will provide more information about the growing use of ethanol in gasoline, improve the accuracy of weekly petroleum supply and disposition statistics by reducing the amount of data that is estimated and improve estimation methodologies for those data that must still be estimated.

"The addition of weekly ethanol data and other improvements will make EIA's weekly petroleum data more accurate, relevant, and useful," says EIA Administrator Richard Newell. "These changes mark a major milestone in a multiyear effort to improve U.S. petroleum data and to better reflect shifting industry practices, such as blending finished products at terminals rather than at refineries."

A more complete description of the improvements to the WPSR can be found at:

Details on changes to tables and formats in the WPSR can be found at:

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