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EPA Approves Agrisure RW Corn Trait

Syngenta reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted registration approval for Agrisure RW, a new corn trait that provides exceptional control of rootworm while delivering full yield potential.

Agrisure RW will be available individually and in stacks with Agrisure GT (glyphosate tolerance) in leading hybrids from NK Brand, Garst, Golden Harvest and other seed brands for the 2007 planting season.

Agrisure RW is a modified synthetic (mCry3Aa) gene from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) for control of northern, western and Mexican corn rootworms. Extensive testing by Syngenta and nine Midwest universities has shown that Agrisure RW demonstrates industry leading control of rootworms, resulting in a 32-bu./acre yield advantage over untreated rootworm-infested trials and, in Syngenta studies, no yield drag when compared to the hybrid isoline.

Mode of Action/Performance

Agrisure RW provides control over newly hatched rootworms through the first larval instar as they begin to feed on corn roots. The larvae are affected as soon as they consume the unique Bt protein in the roots. The Bt protein works in the stomach of the rootworms to eliminate the pest.

The introduction of Agrisure RW comes after more than 60 trials conducted by nine Midwestern universities and Syngenta over a three-year period. In trials with economic pest pressure, Agrisure RW provided an average root rating of 0.22 (on a 0-to-3 node-injury scale, with 0.01 representing no feeding damage and 3.00 being the highest level of root damage), well below the industry-accepted economic threshold. Untreated check plots showed an average root rating of 1.51 over the same time period. Agrisure RW averaged 89% consistency of control over the same trials and under varying weather conditions. Consistency is a measure of how often root ratings average 0.5 or less. In comparison, untreated control plots averaged 33% consistency.

For the 2007 season, growers who plant a corn hybrid with any Agrisure trait, including Agrisure RW, receive comprehensive assurances such as added protection against adverse weather conditions and other occurrences that result in trait loss. In addition, they are automatically eligible for AgriEdge Corn programs, which combine premium genetics, traits and crop protection solutions to maximize yield. AgriEdge includes flexibility in crop input decisions with additional assurances and trait reinvestments of up to $36/unit of seed.

"Growers enjoy unmatched flexibility with AgriEdge,” says Rex Wichert, AgriEdge Corn business manager. “For example, if a grower plants a hybrid with the Agrisure GT (glyphosate tolerant) corn trait but does not use the trait because of in-season adjustments to weed control plans, Syngenta reimburses the grower for the full value of the unused trait. This feature allows growers extra flexibility to focus on maximizing the full yield potential of the hybrid’s genetics and pay only for the technology they use.”
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