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EPA Registers Expert Herbicide for Corn, Grain Sorghum

Expert is a pre-mix combination herbicide containing 2.14 lbs. atrazine,

1.74 lbs. S-metolachlor and 1 lb. glyphosate per gallon. To ensure a high level of crop safety in corn, the iformulation also includes benoxacor. Expert herbicide may be applied up to 30 days prior to, during, or after planting all types of corn or grain sorghum grown under no-tillage or other reduced tillage practices. Expert must be applied prior to emergence of sorghum or corn that is not Roundup Ready.

Recommended application rates for the product range from 2.5 to 3.75 quarts per acre.

"Syngenta is excited to offer this new convenient all-in-one herbicide to our no-till and conservation tillage customers," says Bill Beutke, brand manager for Expert. "Growers will now be able to save time and obtain burndown, plus season-long grass and broadleaf weed control, in a single pass without tankmixing."

Expert has been approved by the EPA and will be submitted for state registrations to allow use in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri.

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