Max Armstrong talks about primaries in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Farm Progress Show and recycling. (audio)

Primary elections are now behind the folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so they begin looking to the general election in November. In Wisconsin, the Republicans now know who is running for seat held by Speaker Paul Ryan. In Minnesota, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson defeated former Gov. Tim Pawlenty in the Republican primary for governor. Pawlenty was favored to win.

Farm Progress Show will feature floating farm tractor to demonstrate how its tires can float across fields. There will also be collectible tractors for sale, including a Max Armstrong special.

Is recycling just a feel-good? The folks in Boulder, Colorado, would say no. The city is now saving more than half of its trash from going into the landfill due to recycling. Last year, city collected nearly 2,500 fewer tons of trash due to recycling.

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