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FIRST Report: October 26, 2007

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Harvest results favorable
It's been a bumper crop in many harvest locations. In the reports below, the managers of F.I.R.S.T. (Farmer's Independent Research of Seed Technologies) provide a weekly snapshot of how corn and soybeans are yielding. These managers conduct on-farm research trials from farms just like yours. Take a look at their area's summaries and then click on the reports in blue to see exact harvest information from on-farm tests. To view maps of the regions these harvest reports cover, click on the links below.

Illinois Central
Eric Beyers

Eric BeyersThere are no harvest results from the Towanda, IL, site, as it was mistakenly post-applied with a Glyphosate herbicide.

Indiana Central, Indiana North, Michigan South, Ohio West, Ohio North West and Ohio West Central
Rich Schleuning

Rich Schleuning The Otterbein, IN, field had good emergence, which resulted in a nice final stand at harvest on Oct. 17. Average yield was 208.6 bu./acre on the early season test and 203.2 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Otterbein, IN - Early Season Test
Otterbein, IN - Full-Season Test

Hot and dry weather early in the growing season at the Roanoke, IN, location set the corn crop back. Good rain in late June and July turned things around some. Average yields were 174.1 bu./acre on the early season test and 178.7 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Roanoke, IN - Early Season Test
Roanoke, IN - Full-Season Test

Extremely dry conditions plagued the Reading, MI, plot. Rain in August brought the plants back to life, but did not boost the final yield much. Average yield was 110.3 bu./acre on this all-season test.
Reading, MI - All-Season Test

At the Riga, MI, plot, dry conditions reduced the yield potential. Plant health at harvest was good despite the dry year. The average yield was 150.6 bu./acre for the all-season test.
Riga, MI - All-Season Test

Dry growing conditions and insufficient nitrogen fertilization resulted in an average yield of only 78.8 bu./acre for the all-season test at Marshall, MI.
Marshall, MI - All-Season Test

The Mason, MI, plot had delayed emergence, which caused later pollination. But, this allowed plants to take advantage of the August rains and produced a respectable average yield of 146.6 bu./acre for the all-season test.
Mason, MI - All-Season Test

Light rain at pollination helped boost the Charlotte, MI, plot. The average yield was 177.1 bu./acre for the all-season test.
Charlotte, MI - All-Season Test

The Fayette, OH, plot produced a good yield for the growing conditions it experienced. There was poor emergence due to crusting after planting. A June rain helped the plot get going. The average yield was 154.4 bu./acre for the all-season test.
Fayette, OH - All-Season Test

Dry conditions after planting resulted in short plant heights at the Dunkirk and Leipsic, OH, plots. This allowed late-season grass to emerge and rob both locations of their full potential. The average yield was 127.6 bu./acre for the all-season test at Dunkirk and 138.6 bu./acre for the all-season test at the Leipsic location.
Dunkirk, OH - All-Season Test
Leipsic, OH - All-Season Test

The Celina, Bowling Green and Caledonia, OH, locations all had dry conditions early in the growing season. Then, timely rains helped produce good yields. The Celina plot had an average yield of 196 bu./acre for the all-season test. The Bowling Green field averaged 171.4 bu./acre for its all-season test, and the Caledonia location had an average yield of 219.8 bu./acre on the all-season test.
Celina, OH - All-Season Test
Bowling Green, OH - All-Season Test
Caledonia, OH - All-Season Test

Iowa East Central, Iowa North Central and Iowa North West
Chris Clark

Chris ClarkThe Mason City, IA, field was a corn-on-corn location, and had relatively good soil conditions for planting. Emergence was uniform, and the plot grew well even with a dry July. The average yields were 196.1 bu./acre and 202.1 bu./acre for the early and full-season tests, respectively. This location also had an ultra-early test which had an average yield of 184.1 bu./acre.
Mason City, IA - Early Season Test
Mason City, IA - Full-Season Test
Mason City, IA - Ultra-Early Season Test

Wet soil conditions at planting were a concern at the LeHigh, IA, plot. The location experienced weather extremes all growing season, but managed to tolerate the conditions and turn out a nice yield. The early season test averaged 190.6 bu./acre. The full-season test had an average yield of 195.4 bu./acre.
LeHigh, IA - Early Season Test
LeHigh, IA - Full-Season Test

Weather was a factor affecting yields at the Keystone, IA, field. The plot emerged well and grew fine until a dry spell from June 20 through late July hampered growth. A mid-August windstorm also caused a fair amount of stalk lodging and stalk breakage. Average yields were 159.6 bu./acre and 160.6 bu./acre for the early and full-season tests, respectively.
Keystone, IA - Early Season Test
Keystone, IA - Full-Season Test

Minnesota South East, Minnesota West Central and Minnesota South West
Rick Querna

Rick QuernaIdeal spring weather got the Easton, MN, plot off to a great start. Timely rains, along with appropriate heat and humidity, helped boost yields. Average yield was 199.2 bu./acre and 211.1 bu./acre on the early season and full-season tests, respectively.
Easton, MN - Early Season Test
Easton, MN - Full-Season Test

At the Nicollet, MN, plot, growing conditions were good until the weather turned dry in early June. Minimal rain fell until a 5-in. soaker occurred in mid-August. Average yield was 198.4 bu./acre and 203 bu./acre on the early season and full-season tests, respectively.
Nicollet, MN - Early Season Test
Nicollet, MN - Full-Season Test

The Lake Crystal, MN, location had optimum spring weather and moisture. Drier conditions prevailed from early June through early August. Then, welcome rains were received from mid-August through harvest. Average yield was 149.9 bu./acre on the early season test and 165.1 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Lake Crystal, MN - Early Season Test
Lake Crystal, MN - Full-Season Test

Warm summer temperatures along with good rains from late July through harvest helped make nice yields at the New Richland, MN, plot. Average yield was 204.3 bu./acre on the early season test and 203.1 bu./acre on the full-season test.
NewRichland, MN - Early Season Test
NewRichland, MN - Full-Season Test

Wisconsin South and North Central Tri-States
Jason Beyers

Jason Beyers Plants were standing well at harvest at the Manchester, IA, field. Average yield was 178.6 bu./acre on the early season test and 197.4 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Manchester, IA - Early Season Test
Manchester, IA - Full-Season Test

The Lancaster, WI, plot struggled early on due to wet soils. Germination was spotty, and yield levels were considerably lower than field averages in the area. At harvest a large amount of stalk rot was noted. Average yield was 162.5 bu./acre on the early season test and 164.2 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Lancaster, WI - Early Season Test
Lancaster, WI - Full-Season Test

Stalk quality was deteriorating quickly at harvest on Oct. 17 at the Farmersburg, IA, field. There was a large amount of root lodging due to high winds late in the growing season. Average yield was 174.8 bu./acre on the early season test and 186.9 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Farmersburg, IA - Early Season Test
Farmersburg, IA - Full-Season Test

Wet conditions most of the growing season hampered the corn at the Elkhorn, WI, field. Additionally, a flush of grass growth late in the season pulled corn yields down. Average yield was 143.7 bu./acre on the early season test and 145.3 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Elkhorn, WI - Early Season Test
Elkhorn, WI - Full-Season Test

Prolonged dry and hot conditions stressed the corn at the Arlington, WI, location. In August, 15 in. of rain fell, but the high winds and wet conditions caused some root lodging. Several hybrids also had a number of dropped ears. Average yield was 162.8 bu./acre on the early season test and 162.1 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Arlington, WI - Early Season Test
Arlington, WI - Full-Season Test

The Spring Green, WI, plot was a nice, irrigated field with consistent stands. Stalk rot was beginning to set in at harvest on Oct. 20. Average yield was 207.4 bu./acre on the early season test and 202.3 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Spring Green, WI - Early Season Test
Spring Green, WI - Full-Season Test

Good rainfall most of the season produced phenomenal stands at the Woodstock, IL, field. Wind did cause some root lodging. Average yield was 195.5 bu./acre on the early season test and 198.7 bu./acre on the full-season test.
Woodstock, IL - Early Season Test
Woodstock, IL - Full-Season Test

Illinois North Central and Illinois South Central
Eric Beyers

Eric BeyersTowanda, IL, had good growing conditions and produced excellent large seed quality. Average yield was 57.5 bu./acre.
Towanda, IL - Soybeans

Planted May 15, the Macomb, IL, plot had an average yield of 48.6 bu./acre. Some varieties experienced plant lodging, which made it necessary to slow down the combine and lower the reel at harvest. Seed quality produced varying sizes from medium to large.
Macomb, IL - Soybeans

The Tremont, IL, plot had robust plant growth and yields. Plant lodging was noted in some varieties at harvest. Average yield was 59.3 bu./acre.
Tremont, IL - Soybeans

August heat coupled with minimal rainfall caused lower yields at the Virden, IL, site. The site also had high SCN egg counts in 2006, which may have contributed to the reduced yield. Average yield was 43.1 bu./acre.
Virden, IL - Soybeans

The Clayton, IL, site produced a disappointing average yield of 33.7 bu./acre. Lack of rain late in the season and hot days in August were to blame for the reduced yield.
Clayton, IL - Soybeans

Indiana North and Indiana Central
Rich Schleuning

Rich SchleuningLate-season rain helped the stand at New Paris, IN. Average yield was 61 bu./acre.
New Paris, IN - Soybeans

Emergence was slow at the Roanoke, IN, plot, taking over two weeks for all beans to emerge. At harvest, plant height was 26-38 in. Average yield was 53.4 bu./acre.
Roanoke, IN - Soybeans

The Otterbein, IN, field was a nice plot to harvest as the beans were not lodged. Some varieties still had leaves and green stems. Average yield was 58.5 bu./acre.
Otterbein, IN - Soybeans

South Dakota Northeast
Mark Querna

Mark QuernaSpring rains provided good moisture at planting at the Milbank, SD, plot. Although June was dry, July brought timely rains to this location. An early frost on Sept. 15 took some toll on the yield. The site averaged 59.8 bu./acre.
Milbank, SD - Soybeans

Early season moisture was good at the Clear Lake, SD, plot, but June and July were dry. The site's average yield of 41.1 bu./acre was a bit of a disappointment.
Clear Lake, SD - Soybeans
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