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Herbicide: Chemicals used to kill or inhibit weeds.

Insecticide: Chemicals used to kill or inhibit pests/bugs.

Irrigation: the practice of irrigating crops through a pivot or other man-made/operated water source.

Low linolenic soybeans: Soybeans that contain less linolenic acid, resulting in more stable soybean oil, which basically eliminates the need for hydrogenation.

Nitrogen: an essential nutrient to crops. Often applied in the fall in the form of anhydrous ammonia.

No-till: a conservation tillage practice. No tillage is used on fields.

Planters: equipment used to plant corn or soybeans.

Precision ag: a farming practice that uses information technologies to bring data from multiple sources in order to make decisions associated with crop production. It involves using precise equipment, amounts and placement of seed, chemicals and other farming inputs.

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