Spraying beans.

Dicamba deadline closing in

Before you head out to the fields, check out this video to see if the window for dicamba applications is closed on your farm.

As Midwest growers head out to their fields this week, more are starting to see flowers within the two uppermost nodes on the main stem of their soybeans, also known as the R2 growth stage. This means weed management decisions need to be carefully considered, especially as it relates to using dicamba herbicides. 

In an informational video from last week, Jared Roskamp, BASF Technical Service Representative, shared that many of the fields he has walked in Missouri and Southern Illinois have already approached the R2 growth stage. For growers in the Upper Midwest, this means that the window for making an on-label application of herbicides like Engenia herbicide is just about closed. While growers may still want to clean up their fields, making an application of products like Engenia herbicide will be off-label once the soybeans reach the R2 growth stage.

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