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Bayer CropScience announces the registration of Ignite 280 SL Herbicide. It replaces the current Ignite herbicide and is more concentrated. The company says it will improve growers' efficiency by reducing product volume and handling requirements.

It's a fast-acting, non-selective contact herbicide, and was designed especially for use with FiberMax LibertyLink cotton. The herbicide provides control of more than 100 major cotton weeds and grasses, including morningglory, palmer pigweed, hemp sesbania, marestail and devil's claw.

Several cotton production states have requested a supplemental label to allow growers to apply the herbicide at a higher rate. The Arkansas State Plant Board, South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation and the Tennessee Department of Agriculture have granted a 24 (c) special local needs label for cumulative seasonal rates up to 87 oz. and a maximum single application rate of 43 oz.

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