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Bayer CropScience announced it has received federal registration for the use of Ignite herbicide on its LibertyLink cotton varieties.

LibertyLink cotton varieties have a genetically based resistance to Ignite, a glufosinate herbicide.

Bayer will offer the herbicide-resistant trait if four picker varieties — FiberMax 981 LL, FM 966 LL, FM 958 LL and FM 832 LL — and one stripper variety — FM 5035 LL — for the 2004 growing season, says Andy Hurst, cotton herbicides product manager for Bayer CropScience.

“We're extremely excited to get registration for Ignite herbicide in cotton,” says Hurst. “Growers are looking for good alternative weed control systems, and this herbicide system will give growers the flexibility to spray Ignite over-the-top of LibertyLink Cotton up to 70 days prior to harvest.”

According to Hurst, Ignite can be applied over-the-top of LibertyLink cotton into early bloom, and it can also be used as a preplant burndown or as a hooded application on non-LibertyLink cotton.

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