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Winter Wheat Condition?


After a year of drought, southern plains growers are eager to get their 2012 crop off and running into the winter. But while Oklahoma’s wheat is rated 42% good to excellent, only 21% of the Texas crop is in that category, according to yesterday’s USDA crop progress report.

Those conditions still had many concerned about whether there would be potential grazing opportunities for stocker cattle or even cowherds strapped for grass in the heavy drought areas.

The farther north, the higher the wheat rating. In Kansas, 45% of the wheat is either good or excellent, while 43% is fair and 12% poor or very poor. Colorado growers are seeing over 50% of their wheat either good or excellent and 39% in fair condition. Idaho is seeing 87% of its wheat either good or excellent.

Other state wheat ratings include: Arkansas, 63% good or excellent; California, 90%; Illinois, 75%; Indiana, 68%; Michigan 67%; Missouri, 44%; Montana, 48%; Nebraska, 78%; North Carolina, 90%; Ohio, 44%; Oregon, 68%; South Dakota, 57%; and Washington, 74%.


The 18-state average condition rating is 7% excellent, 42% good, 36% fair, 9% poor and 6% very poor.

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