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John Deere's New Four Wheelers

Watch for a barrage of new, green all-terrain (ATV) and utility vehicles (UV) darting around the country in the next few months. That's because North America's largest farm equipment manufacturer, John Deere, is now charging into the workhorse and recreational vehicle market with a new line of slick and fun-to-drive vehicles.

John Deere's Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division extends its utility vehicle line with the Gator High Performance series (HP), designed for customers who need a high level of performance. The HP series includes five new models: the Gator HPX, HPX 4×4, HPX Diesel, HPX 4×4 Diesel and the Trail Gator HPX 4×4.

“At John Deere we look first at utility. Recreation is second,” says Jon Chase, utility and ATV product manager.

With a 1,300-lb. payload capacity and hydroformed steel frame, the HP is built for true commercial-grade work.

All models have a top ground speed of 25 mph with a two-range transmission, all-wheel hydraulic disk brakes, a 12-volt DC outlet and a standard, hand-operated, rear differential lock.

The Gator HPX, HPX 4×4 and Trail Gator HPX 4×4 are equipped with 20-hp, 4-cycle Kawasaki gas engines. The HPX and HPX 4×4 diesels are both equipped with 20-hp, 4-cycle Yanmar diesel engines.

Two new compact Gators, designed with the homeowner in mind, are now available. The Gator CS, an 8-hp version, and the Gator CX, a 10-hp version, each feature a 400-lb., 5-cu.-ft. storage capacity. They come with air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-cycle Kawasaki gas engines.

In addition, five new utility ATVs are being introduced, including the Buck, Buck EXT, Trail Buck 500, Trail Buck 650 and Trail Buck 650 EXT.

Buck models come with 500-cc, 4-stroke Rotax engines, progressively locking all-wheel-drive system, 1,100-lb. towing capacity and ground speeds in excess of 45 mph.

The Trail Buck models offer 500-cc and 650-cc, 4-stroke Rotax engines. They also feature continuously variable transmissions (CVT) and have top ground speeds of 50 mph.

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