Soybean harvest 16

A deeper dive into harvest!

Find out what states have over 25% of their crop still in the field.

Yesterday, the USDA reported the U.S. soybean harvest at 88% complete vs the historical average of 93% by this date. States the furthest behind are:

Kansas -16%
Arkansas -15%
Missouri -15%
Ohio -10%  
Michigan -10%
North Dakota -8%
Wisconsin -8%
Nebraska -5%
Tennessee -5%
Kentucky -4%
Louisiana -4%
Iowa -3%
Mississippi -3%  
South Dakota -3%
Illinois -2%
Minnesota -2%
Indiana -1%

Bottom-line, Missouri still has 30% of their crop left in the field, Kansas still has 26% of their crop left in the field, Arkansas 22% left in the field, Michigan 21%, Ohio and Wisconsin 15%, Indiana and North Dakota 9%, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and Mississippi 6%, South Dakota 4%, Minnesota 3%.  Obviously yields will vary based on locations of acres, and if the good crops were taken out first, but this is an elementary look. The large number of unharvested acres in Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois and Iowa are concerning considering the abnormally strong winter conditions...lots of bushels in the fields.  

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