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NCGA Provides New Resources On Web

Updated information on everything from historical tillage practices to how much ethanol can be produced from a bushel of corn is now available on the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Web site.

The new and updated materials range from simple brochures to comprehensive reports.

Sustainability: Meeting future economic and social needs while preserving environmental quality. This document is a wide-ranging analysis of modern corn production, from both an economic and an environmental perspective. The report examines such issues as soil conservation, input management, water quality and the role of biotechnology in crop production.

U.S. Corn Growers: Producing Food AND Fuel. This brief includes the most recent statistics on corn production and use, with the current projections from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help both corn growers and consumers understand the controversy over ethanol production.

Ethanol: Get the Facts. This brochure is a brief but informative look at the myths and facts surrounding corn-based ethanol.

Also new on the site is NCGA’s quarterly Corn Grower Update, detailing the association’s activities from April to June, including the challenge growers faced to plant the historic 2007 crop.

For more information on NCGA's public policy, visit the Issue Briefs page.

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