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NCGA Reminds Growers Agrisure RW Hybrids Are Unapproved In Japan, Most Major Markets

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) reminds corn farmers that Syngenta’s Agrisure RW MIR 604 technology lacks full approvals in most major export markets, including Japan.

In March, NCGA requested that Syngenta withhold Agrisure RW hybrids from the market this planting season, citing lack of Japanese approval. It is uncertain this trait will receive Japanese approvals prior to the 2007 harvest. Agrisure RW and stacks have full approvals in the U.S.

“Our request to Syngenta was based solely on NCGA policy,” says NCGA President Ken McCauley.

Syngenta is requiring farmers to identify the planned end use of the grain prior to receiving the seed. NCGA strongly recommends growers who intend to market this grain off-farm to contact their delivery point to ensure it will still accept this corn if Japanese approvals are not granted.

“Over the past several weeks, we have seen a number of elevators and grain companies change their acceptance policy regarding Agrisure RW hybrids and stacks containing Agrisure RW,” McCauley notes.

In addition, farmers should be cognizant of cross-pollination issues. The easiest way to minimize the risk from cross-pollination is to plant buffers around the field or harvest and market the first few rows of adjoining corn with the non-approved hybrids. Farmers should also remember to clean out planters adequately prior to planting other fields.

Finally, growers should be aware that Agrisure GT/CB/LL also lacks full Japanese regulatory approvals.

Agrisure RW and stacks are available through NK Brands, Garst and Golden Harvest. For more information on hybrid numbers and approval status, growers can check NCGA’s Web site here: Information on NCGA’s biotechnology policy can also be found here:

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