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New Planters

Kinze Manufacturing introduces two new planters:

  • 3600 V Twin-Line: Available in 12-row N and 16-row N sizes with mechanical or vacuum seed metering, it features double 5 × 7 in. toolbar frame construction with heavy-duty wing hinges and industrial-quality hydraulic cylinders.

    It also offers the new Kinze Vision planter control system. This system utilizes a full-color, touch-screen display to manage Kinze's electronic seed monitoring, plus an all-new variable-rate hydraulic drive system and air-actuated, single-row clutches for manual or GPS auto-swath control. This enables growers to engage and disengage individual planter sections at headlands, point rows, waterways and previously planted areas.

    The control system was developed in partnership with Ag Leader Technology and uses a variation of its popular Insight display.

  • 3700 SDS: This new front-folding planter comes in widths up to 60 ft. with center flex and a high-capacity central seed fill with a 110-bu. seed capacity. It's available in mechanical or vacuum seed metering systems.

    It comes in five sizes: 16-row 38 in., 24-row 20 in., 24-row 22 in., 24-row 30 in. and 36-row 20 in. The drawbar-attached 3700 SDS planters feature two-section toolbars, reinforced with overhead-truss construction, and they ride on heavy-duty axles with oversized tires. Road transport width is 14 ft.

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