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New Stacked Corn Gets Approved

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted registration for Monsanto's YieldGard Plus corn. It's the first biotech product designed to control both corn borer and corn rootworm pests.

“YieldGard Plus corn is expected to provide improved yields and reduced need for insecticides,” says Robb Fraley, chief technology officer at Monsanto.

The new technology provides corn growers with in-seed protection, allowing the plant to protect itself against western and northern corn rootworm larvae and the European corn borer.

Following the necessary regulatory clearances on a state-level in the U.S. and receipt of the Japanese import approval, the YieldGard Plus technology will be made available for planting in corn hybrids through Monsanto's branded seed businesses — Dekalb and Asgrow — as well as through licensed, independent seed companies.

All YieldGard Plus corn hybrids will be sold with a seed treatment to offer broad-spectrum control of secondary insect pests such as wireworm, white grub, early flea beetle and seed corn maggot.

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