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Newest Herbicides For Soybeans

Newly registered herbicides for use in soybeans offer familiar chemistry with improved weed control.

Prefix, for example, is a combination of S-metolachlor and fomesafen, packaged in a co-pack for pre-emergence weed control in conventional and glyphosate-tolerant soybeans. It controls highly competitive broadleaf weeds, including those tolerant or resistant to glyphosate, and gives excellent grass control, according to Syngenta.

Another S-metolachlor, from Agriliance, is Charger Basic. Also used as a corn herbicide, the product can be preplant- or pre-emergence-applied to control most annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Sonic, from Dow AgroSciences, and Authority First DF, from FMC Corp., are the same product. The companies joined forces to provide Dow's cloransulam-methyl and FMC's sulfentrazone as a preplant-to- pre-emergence herbicide to control a broad spectrum of weeds ahead of post glyphosate applications.

Trigger, from Albaugh Inc., is a new clethodim product with the same post-emergent grass control as Select.

Select Max with Inside Technology, from Valent, is also a clethodim. Adjuvants added to the formulation help deliver faster and more complete postemergent control of volunteer corn, annual and perennial grasses and volunteer cereals.

Valor XLT, also from Valent, contains flumioxazin and chlorimuron-ethyl for pre-emergent control of a variety of broadleaves.

Bayer CropScience's Autumn contains iodosulfuron, an active ingredient in Equip. It offers fall or early spring burndown treatment on several broadleaf weeds and is also labeled for corn.

Firestorm, which can also be used ahead of corn, is a 3-lb./gal. formulation of paraquat dichloride. From Chemtura Corp., the herbicide provides preplant or pre-emergent control of emerged broadleaf weeds, sedges and grasses. It is available in 2.5- and 250-gal. containers.

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