Corn planting.

Wet conditions set 2017 planting start behind

The USDA Crop Progress report shows corn planting is behind.

The crop progress report released April 17, shows planting is behind due to wet conditions. With six percent of total corn acres planted by April16, progress fell three percentage points short of the five-year average and six percentage points behind the same date in 2016.

In 2016, Texas led the way with 49 percent of the planting completed and North Carolina had 42 percent completed. Kansas and Tennessee had about a third completed. 

This year, Texas has 60 percent completed. However, most other states are below where they were last year. North Carolina only has 32 percent completed, Tennessee has 24 percent planted; Kentucky has 19 percent; Missouri has 17 percent;  and Kansas has 9 percent completed.

The four year average for planting for this week in average shows that Kansas usually has 18 percent completed, Kentucky has 20 percent, Missouri has 25 percent; North Carolina has 40; Tennessee has 30 and Texas averages 54 percent. 


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