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Lightbar Guidance System

CenterLine, the all-new lightbar guidance system from Midwest Technologies, Springfield, IL, offers wireless remote control. Its compact, curved design makes steering cues provided by the system more intuitive than straight lightbars.

The brightness of the LEDs is fully adjustable for easy observation in bright sunlight, dim light or full darkness. A text display on the lightbar gives the operator a choice of messages about the current job as he works. Vehicle speed, area covered, track error and several other messages are available.

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Air Cart Line

Morris Industries, Minot, ND, announces its Eight Series Air Cart. It offers extra capacity, user-friendly convenience, accuracy and maximum efficiency. Available in three-tank configurations, the series features an innovative modular collector system with a stainless steel “seed plate” in the metering body to eliminate corrosion concerns.

The line will be available in 335- and 420-bu capacities this spring, with 305- and 370-bu sizes soon after.

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GPS Hitch

Outback Guidance, Hiawatha, KS, introduces its GPS hitch, which allows an implement to track through standing crops on hillsides and in curves, dramatically reducing crop damage. The hitch mounts on an existing tractor drawbar and connects directly to the Outback GPS Guidance System to provide affordable implement guidance. It eliminates the need for disc markers on drawbar-type planters and drills.

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