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A new high-efficiency liquid fertilizer application rig from Redball, LLC, makes it possible to cover more acres per day with sidedress fertilizer applications.

The Model 1460 liquid fertilizer applicator features a 1,600-gal. custom tank and 20-in. spring-cushioned ripple coulters with hydraulic depth-control assist for accurate fertilizer placement. The tank, which has a stainless steel baffle, has an 8-in. deep box sump for more complete cleanout.

To maximize fertilizer use efficiency, the sidedress applicator can be outfitted with the GreenSeeker optical sensing and variable-rate application system as an optional add-on. GreenSeeker utilizes optical sensors to assess plant biomass and health as the rig moves across the field. Fertilizer rates are adjusted on the go, depending on the crop's yield potential.

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FMC Corporation announces the launch of Capture LFR insecticide for corn, an insecticide for use with liquid pop-up fertilizers that helps growers protect their investment in seed and maintains yields.

Capture LFR helps control seed and seedling pests including wireworms, cutworms, grubs, armyworms, seed corn maggots, common stalk borers and corn rootworms.

FMC developed the product because of increased use of pop-up fertilizers and grower interest in combining fertilizer and pest control applications. The insecticide can be used with liquid pop-up fertilizers or with water-based solutions.


DuPont has named its new proprietary glyphosate, ALS-tolerant trait from its subsidiary, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Optimum GAT. The trait is targeted for commercialization later in the decade in a number of crops.

In addition to glyphosate tolerance, the new trait also has tolerance to herbicides designed to complement glyphosate by providing additional contact and residual control on grass and broadleaf weeds.

The Optimum GAT trait binds with glyphosate, transforming it into a metabolite that doesn't harm the plant. The added flexibility is gained through the trait's tolerance to ALS herbicides, which include popular active ingredients in the sulfonylurea and imidazolinone families.

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