Rancona outperforms other seed treatments


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Rancona® seed enhancements from Chemtura AgroSolutions™ continue to deliver higher yielding soybeans and wheat across the United States when compared to untreated seed and other leading seed treatments.

“Our researchers fine-tuned Rancona’s active ingredient for several years before bringing it to market to ensure it would deliver superior, consistent disease control for high yield potential. And it does just that,” says Amy Niver, North American regional technical manager, seed enhancements, Chemtura AgroSolutions. “Test plot after test plot, year after year, prove Rancona performs consistently better than the other seed treatments on the market for soybean and wheat.”

Rancona delivers premier protection against a broad spectrum of seed and seedling diseases resulting in uniform germination, emergence and stand for young plants. The healthy start helps ensure high yield.

Each year Rancona is compared to other industry-leading broad-spectrum fungicide seed treatments and untreated checks. Trial results from 2011 showed:

  • Rancona Pinnacle outyielded Dividend®XLin 12 winter wheat plots organized by Kansas State University.
  • Rancona Pinnacle outyielded Raxil®MD and Dividend XLin another 10 independent winter wheat plots from Arkansas to Wisconsin and Kentucky to Kansas.
  • Rancona Summit with Macho™ outyielded Acceleron®L/F and Trilex®2000with Allegiance® and Gaucho® in 33 independent soybean test plots across 11 Midwestern states.
  • In each plot Rancona-treated wheat and soybeans outyielded the untreated checks. Not all competitive seed treatments did.

“Growers are starting to realize that using a seed treatment is well worth the small investment. Researchers from the University of Illinois to Washington State University are seeing Rancona perform better than competitive seed treatments,” says Niver. “They have documented better germination, better emergence and higher yields. As a result growers should be asking their retailers and seed conditioners for Rancona to get the most out of their seed treatment dollars.”

Rancona products contain ipconazole, one of the newest and broadest-spectrum fungicides available in a seed treatment. The concentrated formulation, Rancona 3.8, and ready-to-use formulations, Rancona Summit for soybeans and Rancona Pinnacle for wheat, provide the opportunity to maximize stand emergence and uniformity for greater yield potential. Rancona Crest and Rancona Crest WR offer added insect protection with the disease protection for wheat. Ipconazole is also used on several other crops including corn and cotton.

For a complete listing of diseases and insects controlled and application information, please contact your local Chemtura AgroSolutions representative or visit www.ChemturaAgroSolutions.com/us.   

Chemtura AgroSolutions offers a comprehensive line of miticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and seed enhancements that improve the quality and increase yields of specialty crops across the globe.