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RMA Approves BYE for 2008

The Risk Management Agency (RMA) announces it will implement the pilot Biotech Yield Endorsement (BYE) beginning with the 2008 crop in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota.

The BYE will provide producers a premium rate reduction if they plant non-irrigated corn for grain containing three specific biotech traits — YieldGard Corn Borer, YieldGard Rootworm and Roundup Ready Corn 2, which are only marketed under the trade names of “YieldGard Plus with Roundup Ready Corn 2” and “YieldGard VT Triple.”

Producers with an individual yield or revenue insurance plan (APH, RA or CRC) at a buy-up level of Federal crop insurance coverage will be eligible for the discount on any unit in which they plant at least 75% of their non-irrigated corn for grain acres to a qualifying corn hybrid. RMA will release the BYE, containing the eligibility criteria, and instructions to approved insurance providers in the near future.

This endorsement does not waive or otherwise affect the EPA's existing refuge requirements. Producers will be expected to be in full compliance with all EPA requirements.

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