Corn+Soybean Digest

Roundup Ready Group 00

Dekalb Genetics – DKB005-51 (mid) features:

Very good emergence; average standability.

Thin plant type with relatively short height.

The earliest Roundup Ready variety available.

Excellent for short seasons, cool conditions.

Protein, 36%; oil, 18%.

Peterson Farms Seed – 03005RR (mid) exhibits:

Medium-thin plant type well-suited for solid seeding.

Great yield potential, excellent bean for Northern areas.

Excellent standability.

IDC resistance adequate for all but worst areas.

Gold Country Seed – GCS 1300RR (late) features:

Premiere yield for its maturity.

Superior IDC tolerance as shown in NDSU and U of M trials.

Excellent standability.

Clear hila, smaller seeds.

Mycogen Seeds – 5B009RR (late) features:

The company’s earliest-maturing RR variety.

Short stature but tall performance.

Thin canopy, strong emergence vigor; great standability.

Choice for no-till drilling.

PRR Rps1k resistance.

Peterson Farms Seed – 03008RR (late) provides:

Rps1c gene for PRR resistance.

IDC resistance adequate for all but worst areas.

Well-suited plant type for solid seeding.

Outstanding yield potential.

Medium-tall plant height.

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