Corn+Soybean Digest

Scouting Tool Wins Award

The pocket guide details weed, insect and disease control; crop management; and fertilizer and harvest recommendations. The Corn, Soybean Wheat and Alfalfa Field Guide has been recognized by the American Society of Agronomy for its excellence as educational material.

The 239-page publication from Ohio State University extension is intended to be a quick reference for growers, extension agents and consultants when scouting crops in the field, says Bruce Eisley, OSU entomologist.

"The field guide has reference material about weeds, insects, diseases, herbicides and no-till. If you see something in the field that doesn’t look right, you can pull the book out and figure out what’s going on," says Eisley. "The guide should be valuable for anyone who scouts fields on a regular basis."

It’s available through extension offices for $4.50 or on the Web at Look for Bulletin No. 827.

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