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Seed-Applied Corn Insecticides: Safe, Convenient

Corn growers have two new seed-applied insecticides to consider this planting season.

Gustafson, Dallas, TX, introduces Gaucho and Prescribe, which offer both contact and systemic control.

Gaucho provides early season protection from wireworms, seed corn maggots and fire ants. It also discourages flea beetles, which attack emerging plants.

Prescribe offers a longer period of protection, plus control of corn rootworms and other primary pests, including flea beetles, wireworms, white grubs, seed corn maggots, corn leaf aphids, etc.

"Commercial seed-applied insecticides provide growers with a much more convenient option compared to soil-applied insecticides," says Ray Knake, Gustafson product development manager.

"Seed protected with imidacloprid (the active ingredient in both Gaucho and Prescribe) comes ready to plant, saving farmers extra time and labor by not having to apply soil insecticides during that hectic season," he adds.

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