Duracade corn: Growing and marketing basics

CSD Managing Editor Susan Winsor spoke with Chuck Lee, Syngenta, at Commodity Classic in San Antonio about the new rootworm-resistant Duracade corn. With a limited launch in 2014, the company expects to have about 250,000 acres of the new-traited corn planted under the NK and Golden Harvest brands.

The product is being focused in states with a lot of rootworm pressure, including Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Mssouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, as well as West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvanio and New York.

Growers can participate in the "Right to Grow" program and plant Duracade. Markets for the new technology include feedlots, ethanol plants. If growers can't find their own market opportunity, they can partner with Gavilon Grain to get a fair market price and a place to sell their Duracade grain.

Hear more about the partnership with Gavilon Grain.

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