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Soybean Growers Gain Three Ways to Receive Localized Aphid Alerts

Soybean aphids have rapid reproduction and colonization rates that can cause them to boom from one to 5,000 on a single plant in as little as five weeks, according to the University of Minnesota Extension Web site. Moreover, in favorable temperatures, generally near the high 70s to low 80s, populations can double in as little as two days.

There is now a new tool to help protect soybean yields from the devastation of aphids, Aphid Alert. Aphid Alert provides free, local and timely alerts via text, email or voicemail.

Growers and consultants can sign up to receive these alerts at Alphid Alert or text* the word APHID with their ZIP code to 46786.

If you have any questions on Aphid Alert, or would like additional materials or interviews on Leverage 2.7 insecticide, please call or contact Stacy Mayo at [email protected].

*Standard text message rates apply

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