Crop Progress, June 27: Corn silking and soybeans blooming

Corn and soybeans planted across the Corn Belt are progressing just ahead of average pace, as corn begins the silking stage and soybeans start blooming. Conditions in the good/excellent category have held fairly steady over the past week.


Corn crops across the major-producing states have starting silking in many areas. The overall silking rate is 6%, which is just slightly ahead of the 5-year average, and 3 points ahead of last year's rate.

Overall condition of the 2016 corn crop is holding pretty steady over last week, with 75% of the crop still in good/excellent condition. Last year at this time, 68% of the overall crop was in good/excellent condition. Some of the best corn is still in Wisconsin, where 86% of the crop is in good/excellent condition. Other states that have corn that's more than 80% good/excellent include: Colorado (80%), Minnesota (81%) and North Dakota (81%).

corn condition, usda crop progress report, June 27, 2016


Nearly all of the soybean crop has emerged, at 95% complete. A few states have less than 80% of their soybean crops out of the ground, including: Kentucky (76% emerged), North Carolina (77%) and Tennessee (78%).

Soybeans have started blooming in all but one of the major soybean-producing states (Kansas is the only state that doesn't have any of the crop in bloom yet). Nine percent of the overall crop is blooming at this point, 2 points ahead of the average pace.

The overall crop conditions for soybeans have stayed fairly steady, falling just one point in the good/excellent category to 72%. Last year at this time, the good/excellent rating was 63%. Again, Wisconsin has the most soybeans in good/excellent condition at 84%. 

soybean condition, usda crop progress, June 27, 2016

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