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Tillage Conference Highlights

How to farm with fewer inputs, less energy and less soil erosion was the focus of The 2009 Conservation Tillage Conference, Morton, MN. Sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension and Corn & Soybean Digest, it featured a strong lineup of farmers providing first-hand experience on their tillage practices, plus Extension specialists and industry experts. Their focus was getting more mileage from inputs and soil moisture, building soil structure, and generally farming smarter. Topics covered fertility, pest management and crop development in reduced tillage environments.

Conference PowerPoint presentations can be accessed at The Tillage Conference website. Sessions included how to band fertilizers without burning tender seedlings, best nitrogen practices, reduced tillage pointers from seasoned strip-and no-tillers, seedling and root physiology, tillage economics, opportunities in today’s farm economy, new precision ag technologies, planter tune-ups, soybean genetic advances, double-cropping with wheat, integrated pest management guidelines and others.

So, to get presentation details on this premier conference, go to
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