Best ways to reduce tillage: Part 2

New tillage guide lays out benefits of tillage types and options to help reduce your tillage addiction

If there was a 12-step program to help halt tillage addiction, this new Upper Midwest Tillage Guide might just be the handbook.

This collaboration project between the University of Minnesota Extension and North Dakota State University is a great regional (and perhaps national) resource for farmers and agronomic advisors interested in reducing tillage—but may not feel comfortable choosing the best options for their fields. The guide lays out the benefits of various equipment types and tillage options, conveniently broken into four chapters:

1. A brief history of tillage and tillage research
2. Tillage implements, purpose and ideal use
3. Reducing tillage intensity
4. Economics of tillage
In Part 2, this gallery examines the changes when shifting tillage; higher residues and yield; tillage cost comparisons and more.

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