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Tractor Engine Redesign

Redesigned Agco RT Series Generation A tractors now incorporate an advanced engine design that boosts power, saves fuel and meets or exceeds latest EPA Tier III emission standards.

The 6.6-liter Agco engines are wastegate turbocharged, 24-valve powerplants, which incorporate advanced, high-pressure common rail injection from Bosch. Constant injection pressures of up to 24,000 psi allow for precision electronic control over the entire fuel system.

The 4-valve per cylinder head improves gas flow and allows redesigned high-flow injectors to be centrally positioned over the combustion chamber creating a more even fuel injection and improved, more efficient combustion.

Both RT140A (140 hp) and RT155A (155 hp) tractor models are equipped with the redesigned engine. The Agco RT165A (165 hp) has the same advanced engine, but in a larger, more powerful 7.4-liter configuration.

All three Agco RTA models are equipped with the Agco Auto-6 semi-powershift transmission, which provides 24 forward and 24 reverse gears, clutchless shifting and an overdrive feature that offers maximum transport speeds without running the engine at full throttle. RT140A and RT155A tractors also can be equipped with Agco's PowerMaxx CVT, which gives the operator smooth, infinitely variable speed control from 0-32 mph, dual pre-set ground speeds that can be adjusted instantaneously to match field or transport conditions and a foot-pedal control mode for increased functionality and ease of use.

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