Harvest 2018-- Remaining wet and cold

Most Midwest farmers have faced many weather related delays this season. Check out the gallery to see how the past week has fared.

The harvest of 2018 will not go down as an easy one. The past week has meant scattered showers and lingering pockets of excessive wetness across the Midwest especially the upper portion. 

Soaking rain fell from portions of the Gulf Coast region into the Northeast, slowing fieldwork in the Mississippi Delta, mid-South, and Ohio Valley. Weekly rainfall totaled 2 to 4 inches or more from eastern Texas into the lower Great Lakes region, and along the northern Atlantic Coast. In northern New England, some late-week precipitation fell as snow.

Much of the remainder of the country received little or no precipitation. Snow briefly fell in the central and southern Rockies, but dry weather covered most of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Mostly dry weather also prevailed across the central Plains and Deep South Texas, but portions of the southern Plains received another round of rain that perpetuated a sluggish pace of summer crop harvesting and late season winter wheat planting.

Check out the latest wet gallery. 

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