Wet weather continues across Midwest

The latest batch of wet weather will keep harvest moving slow.

Fieldwork has been stalled or at least slowed due to wet weather in the south, east and many parts of the Midwest. 
When combined with cold weather, the wet conditions also limited the germination and establishment of winter grains and cover crops.

Dry weather also extended eastward to the southern High Plains, while generally light rain and snow showers accompanied cold weather across the northern and central Plains and the western Corn Belt. As a result, producers continued to attempt to complete fieldwork, including summer crop harvesting and winter wheat planting, under less-than-ideal conditions.
Weekly temperatures averaged more than 10°F below normal across large sections of the northern and central Plains and the western Corn Belt, with temperatures locally falling below 0°F on the northern Plains.

Freezes occurred deep into the South, stretching from northern Texas to northern Georgia during the week of Nov. 10. 

Check out the gallery to see more maps showing precipitation and some maps from this week's weather. 

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