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Weed Control Software Available

The newest version of WeedSOFT, a computer weed control decision aide, is now available. Weed control decision tools for wheat and for grain sorghum are two new features of WeedSOFT 2003.

Those tools, plus databases for corn and soybean weeds, are part of Advisor, the most popular module of the software.

In Advisor, the user lists the weeds to be controlled, weed populations and growth stages, type of crop, expected yield, grain price and other information. The software then calculates herbicide mixes that would control those weeds, their cost and the overall economic outcome of controlling the weeds at that point.

“The software comes with standard pricing for herbicides and mixes, but you can also input the prices quoted from your local dealer,” says Brent Sellers, University of Missouri grad student.

The software calculates what weed control would cost vs. the yield damage that would occur if the weeds were not controlled.

The program, which works on Windows-based computers, costs $195. Order your copy from Bulletins, PO Box 830918, Lincoln, NE 68583-0918. A demo version, with fewer herbicide treatments, is available for $5 from Sellers at 210 Waters Hall, Columbia, MO 65211.

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